Better Projects, Better Teams

Small changes to your current methods will make a great difference in project results. Let’s optimize your approach!

Project Advisory / Procurement Advisory
Team Development / Collaboration Mechanics™

We unlock value creation, better risk management, higher satisfaction, and superior project outcomes by leveraging our 28 years of project experience working for the Owner’s team, the Designer’s team, and the Contractor’s team.

Capital Efficiency and Better Results

Addressing the contracting strategy challenge is the starting point for our services. We are experts in the Mechanics of Collaboration™ regardless of the contract model. Engineering and construction projects are a people business, first and foremost, and our goal is to augment your team’s skill set. 

Valuable Insider Perspectives to Refine Your Approach

​We specialize in helping teams get the best work out of Engineering and Construction service providers, while creating teams where all parties involved in a project feel like they have won. Employee attraction, retention, and development starts with the right mind-set and the best information. We help teams win while also protecting the house.

A Global Perspective to Improve Canadian Projects

With our understanding of how and why Canada is the most challenging environment on earth for capital construction projects, we have drawn on best industry practices from around the world to create a Project Advisory service that provides impressive results in improving Canadian project outcomes.  This includes our hands-on project experience in Spain, Japan, South Korea, and the Middle East, in addition to our continued collaboration with peers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in Australia and New Zealand.

Collaborative Contract Models*

*A public YouTube video of a Canadian Construction Association Webcast that our Lead Consultant made while working at a previous employer.

Today’s projects are still designed and constructed by interacting teams of people, not by emerging software or technology. Let’s optimize your Mechanics of Collaboration,™ while considering the right supporting tools.

Brian Maksymetz, P. Eng., Lead Consultant

It’s time for a change.

We are superior to your current advisors, as we hear this consistently from our clients across Canada. We have trained staff at the Big Box consulting firms, directly and through our seminars, and we have seen first-hand examples of our materials being adapted into their marketing and service materials. We are often sub-consultants to engineering design firms, and construction contractors encourage our ongoing market advocacy for better collaboration and risk management. Most importantly, we have had a positive impact with our new approaches on many projects right across Canada over the last 10 years.

Early Perspectives are Key

Be rewarded with Better Projects.